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The Powerlines score is a series of multitracked sketches that reveal layers of interrelationships and levels of meaning that integrate image, light, music, dance and text to make an experimental documentary film about electromagnetism.

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"When I began making Powerlines I thought of the film as music translated into dance and light. The form and meaning of the film were in the music, and the music was written before the film was shot. Then I drew a graph showing all of the elements of the film - music, sound, lighting, dance, text, drama, poem and thought, on a vertical axis, like instruments in an orchestral score, and time on a horizontal axis, running across the page from left to right. While making these sketches I began to let go of the concept of music as the fundamental form of the film, and to try to find a balance between image, light, dance, music, sound and text. It was at this point that I realized it was the film that mattered and the music had to be part of it, had to be film music. The music had to adapt because the film was trying to communicate beyond music and dance...

Each of the score excerpts shows all of the elements of the film. Some are in harmony with each other, others are in counterpoint, and all are rhythmically structured, and interrelate in time. Embedded in each score excerpt is a page of the musical score, showing layers of sound and music. There is no distinction between sound and music - every sound is part of the music. Some of the elements work interdependently with another one to create a third element - ambient / environmental sound and music combine to make the soundtrack, and camera and light / colour / weather / location combine to make the images. I think of the interrelationship of all of the elements together as music."

-- filmmaker and composer Helen Hall
tracks in compositional flowchart
light / colour / weather / location
ambient / environmental sound

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