Pazand                                    English

Ahura Mazda Khoda				Almighty Lord
harman awdishh				May the evil mind be kept under control
dr awzh dshtr zat shkasta bt. 		may it be kept far, may it be defeated and frustrated.
harman dw drzh 				May wicked mind, wicked sprits, wicked people
jdun darvad kk karaf 		 	deceivers, sinners,those wilfully blind, wilfully deaf
sstr gunhkr shmg darvad 		tyrants, evil doers, enemies of truth, sinners
dushman fary zat shkasta bt. 		evil minded tempters be defeated and frustated.
dushpdishh awdishh bt,			May the wicked rulers be kept under control,
dushman stuh bt, 				May the evil mind be overcome and defeated,
dushman awdishh bt. 			May the evil mind be kept under control.
Ahura Mazda Khoda				Almighty Lord
ezh ham gunh patit pashmnm, 		from all my sins I turn back
ezh haravistn dushmat duzhxt duzhvaresht	I repent for every evil thought, evil word, evil deed
men pa gth mint				which I in this world have thought of
oem guft oem kard oem jast			which I have spoken, which I have done, 
						which proceeded from me 
oem bun bt estet 				of which the beginning may have happened through me
ezh  gunhih manishn gaweshn kunishn	From those sins of my thoughts, words and deeds
tan rvn gth mainyun			of the body and soul, relating to this 
						or the spiritual world
xe awaxsh 					Having conscientiously sought forgiveness
pashm pa se gaweshn pa patit hm!		by expressing repentance three times, I do turn back.
Khsnaothr ahurahe mazd 			Glory be to Ahura Mazda
taridti angrahe mainyush, 			May there be contempt for the evil mind
haithyvarshtm hyat vasn ferashtemem. 	These are the most powerful wishes of those who are
staomi ashem, 					I pay my respects to righteous law and virtues.
ashem voh (1).
English translation from: "Daily Prayers of The Zoroastrians" by Framroz Rustomjee

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