Pazand                                 English

ba n„m żazad baxsh‚yaŮdeh                   In the name of God, the bestower, 
baxsh‚yashgar i meherb„n.                   the giver, the benevolent.                                                   
Razistay„o chistay„o Mazd„ dh„tay„o         O most truthful knowledge, concerning the noble  
ahaony„o daenay„o vanghuy„o                 religion of the Mazda-worshippers, given by Mazda
M„zdayayashnoish                            and affecting ASHA
Din bÍh r„st                                A religion which is noble and just, 
va dorost                                   as well as complete and effectual,
kÍ Khod„Í bar khalk fÍrast„dÍh              which God has made known for the people of this world;
in hast kÍ Zarthost avordÍh hast            such it is which Zarathusthra has himself brought,
din dinÍ Zarthost                           a religion which is the religion of Zarathustra
dinÍ Ahura Mazd„                            and which is the religion of Ahura Mazda,
d„dÍh Zarthost Spitama                      given unto Holy and Righteous Zarathustra Spitama
Ashone Ashem Vohu (1).                             (for spreading it among mankind).

English translation from:
"Daily Prayers of The Zoroastrians" by Framroz Rustomjee

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