This web page is dedicated to the divine message revealed by Zarathushtra Spitama who was known to the ancient Greeks as Zoroaster. About 3500 years ago, Zarathushtra preached that there is only ONE GOD whom he referred to Ahura Mazda (Lord of Wisdom). The Gathas, composed by Zarathushtra, are incorporated in the Avesta, the religious book of the Zoroastrians.

The principal and cardinal virtue for the followers of Zarathushtra is to adhere to the Zarathushti creed of Humata, Hukhta and Havarastra (Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds).

The winged symbol in the background is the Fravashi, also known as Faravahar or Farohar. For more information click on "Fravashi" in the left column.

Information and some relevant references are also provided on Zoroastrian Calendar, Prayers, Fire-temples, etc.

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